Information Design Project 4

Data Visualization Classwork 4/13

Here were the physical visualizations I came up with in class. I tried a few methods to display activity levels over the span of a month, a week, or a day. Being physical with the visualization made it easier for me to iterate rapidly. Also, I enjoyed working with my hands to create concepts. I found that this method of brainstorming helped me come up with ideas quickly and made me feel freer with my forms which led to more creative interpretations of data.

Concept Sketches for Poster

The following are some of my concepts for the poster design. I wanted to explore many different ways to express the data and I tried to do this with a variety of forms from spirals to circles to lines to a map. Here are my paper sketches.

The following are my physical concept designs. Here, I tried to use space or an object (clip) to separate out the time. I used beads to represent different information such as steps with the number of beads, color, or space.

Poster Progress

Here are a few drawing designs for my poster. I tried a few iterations on how to represent the month and what information to use for the callouts. For the callouts, I experimented with form, orientation, and color. I think the weather depiction was clear: orange meaning sunny, blue meaning rainy, and grey swirls meaning cloudy. It generally fits with the average viewer's interpretation of weather, so this was something I kept throughout the posters.

Here are my experimentation sketches of the poster. I wanted to experiment with how to do the day callouts and the overall format of the poster.

Here is my refinement of the poster. I experimented with color and opacity. Following the advice from the critique, I wanted to include a visual difference between the two locations. I did this by using a warm color for California and a cool color for Pennsylvania. This was related to my editorial assertion with California being warm and sunny and Pittsburgh being cooler and cloudier. Also, I made the coloring of the weather (orange, blue, and grey clouds) more apparent between California and Pittsburgh with California having a darker, denser color than Pittsburgh. Additionally, I gave more structure to my day highlights by adding a light background color. I think this added more intent to the layout of my dashboard.

This was my final product.

Final Thoughts

I had a great time working on this poster! I have more of an engineering background so it was really fun for me to experiment with nontraditional ways of displaying information outside of bar/pie/scatter charts. I especially enjoyed the physical visualizations we did earlier in the project. Thank you for a great semester! I am looking forward to taking the skills I learned about design and presentation post-graduation!